It’s 11 a.m. on a sunny June day, and it’s time for the best part of the day at Splash Kingdom Waterpark – opening the gates to let in dozens of excited children! Some share their elation with us, like the little girl who walked in early in the season and exclaimed, “It’s so beautiful in here!” Others dart by to get to their favorite slides as quickly as possible, with moms hurrying to keep up.

Throughout the day, all ages can be seen enjoying the park. Glance around and you will likely find toddlers splashing around in our Kids’ Treehouse Area, teens racing down our large body slides, moms enjoying a good book under giant umbrellas and grandparents relaxing on a tube in the lazy river.  What our park lacks in size, it makes up in great hospitality, and it is made all the more appealing by our excellent lifeguards – an asset that puts parents’ minds at ease so they feel free to have a little fun at the park, too!

This summer is already turning out to be an exciting one! We have added extra hours for additional Family Nights and Toddler Days. Little ones can splash around our Kid’s Treehouse Area on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 9 to 10:30 a.m. during our Toddler Days that are exclusive to children age 5 and under and their guardians, providing a fun and safe time for even the tiniest waterpark fans. We are open late on Wednesday nights until 8 p.m. and Friday nights until 9 p.m. to provide plenty of time for families with busy schedules plenty of time to enjoy our park.

As the Sales, Marketing, and Guest Relations Manager at the park, I get to witness lots of joyful times and fun memories being made in the park, while also making sure those in the Oldest Town in Texas and all the surrounding communities know about the best way to beat the heat- with a day at our park! As a kid, I loved trips to waterparks more than any other summer activity. I would beg my parents to make the two hour drive to the nearest waterpark; I had no idea I would grow up and get to spend every day promoting one.

We hope you will come splash around with us this summer and let us be a part of making some sunny summer memories of your own!

Post contributed by Carlie AllenSales, Marketing, and Guest Relations Manager for Splash Kingdom Family Waterpark

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