Sherry Morgan, Nacogdoches CVB Executive Director

Sherry Chaney Morgan, Executive Director
Nacogdoches Convention and Visitors Bureau

I have a confession to make – up until last week, I had never eaten at Butcher Boys. Not so scandalous,

Hear me out.

I first came to Nacogdoches in 1991 and lived here until December of 1995. My Nacogdoches 2.0 adventure began December of 2017 and is still a pretty terrific journey in process.
Now, Butcher Boys is not just your standard, run-of-the-mill burger establishment. It is renowned the state over for not only their burgers but also for their smoked meats and hot country sausage, cheese balls, and even chocolate and coconut pies; but those burgers … those bad boys are responsible for decades of salivating jowls not to mention untold exorbitant LDL cholesterol levels. Established in 1977 as a meat market and deli by the Huddleston family, Butcher Boys has moved locations twice in its history and has proven to be experts at staying relevant with their food offerings while never sacrificing quality. Regardless of what you order at Butcher Boys, you are destined to have a delicious meal. I know, I know … “how would you know? You only just recently ate there yourself”. Well, I run across a lot of people daily in my job as Executive Director of our local visitors center and if you know anything about people from Nacogdoches, they aren’t shy about sharing their opinions. Add to that the number of tourists we have who make return trips to Nac specifically for Butcher Boys and you’ve got yourself a pretty safe bet that they are serving up only the good stuff. But back to the throne of lies upon which I sit …
During the course of any given week – global pandemics aside – I recommend Butcher Boys to at least 3-5 visitors, ensuring them that it is the best burger I’ve ever had. I even go so far as to make them swear not to tell my momma that a Butcher Boys burger is better than any burger she ever served me. I’m nothing if not a convincing salesperson. Well, along comes March 2020 and the Corona virus and eating establishments throughout the county are having to cease their dine in operations and pivot to a business model that can sustain them through the recovery and requisite shut down. To repent for my past sins of lying to innocent travelers and to support a local business, I decided to throw some business to the Huddleston family and score a cheeseburger with fries at the same time. How many other ways can you assuage your guilt and fill your belly? The paragraphs that follow contain, to the best of my ability, the truth about my burger experience that day. No, I’m not a pathological liar; it’s just that – well, I’ve only heard tale of it via urban legend and fairytales, but I think I was under the spell of burger euphoria.

I phoned in my order (a bacon cheeseburger) which was taken by a very friendly young lady who asked all the right questions when taking an order for a burger. I always just order them with everything. In my 51 years I’ve yet to have anyone load up some poached squirrel on my burger so I feel fairly safe in throwing caution to the wind, in this respect at least. And yes, I wanted fries and a Dr. Pepper would sure wash that all down nicely and here is my credit card information, please and thank you so much. In the five minutes it took me to drive from the visitors center down North St. to Butcher Boys, my lunch
was ready and brought out to my car in compliance with the city’s COVID-19 response. Another five minutes found me at home, ironically right across the street from Butcher Boys’ former location on Mound Street. I’m not going to lie; the planets seemed aligned on this righting of wrongs from my past. In I went and greeted first the dog and then the children and positioned myself with my lunch at the table.

Have. Mercy.

Y’all. That burger slapped. I hadn’t been lying about it being the best burger ever, only about speaking about knowing it was the best burger based on personal experience. Everything about it was just fresh, ya know? Not fresh-like-your-prom-date-fresh but fresh like eating-a-tomato-straight-off-the-vine-fresh. That was no pre-formed beef patty. It was hand formed and barely held together but for the crisp from the flat-top with a bun as soft as a pillow but that didn’t sog up and tear. That burger wasn’t just made with love; it was made with pride and it showed. The fries were outstanding. They had extra starch or something on the outside that makes them especially crispy. I suppose I could wax poetic some more but it was a delicious, legitimate burger the way burgers are suppose to be. Not an avocado or microgreen in sight nor a drizzle of balsamic glaze (not that there’s anything wrong with that). The kids agreed. They shared half the burger and all but four of the fries – I ate those. We will be back for sure and will try out the rest of their offerings. I’ve got my eye on that pie.

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