Change is usually a bit awkward for everyone. The most awkward is bringing in new people to the team. Your team could be a couple different types of teams. You could be a football team, or a soccer team, team members in a store or even a family. Sure. Your family is like a team, right? Or at least I think it should be. Everyone helping out to make the team better right?

How about a team of businesses? There are a lot of those out there. They work together on projects of all sizes. All of it done with the hope that it will help make everyone more successful in the long run. So if your team is your family or a downtown that has a few new businesses coming in, change is always awkward. Don’t trouble yourself though. It won’t be long before this new all around us becomes one more thing we can do to add fun and excitement to our lives on a regular basis.

Axe throwing probably seems like an odd choice to a lot of you. It’s hard to see past the idea that it’s stupid or unsafe, and if you do it, you’re going to die. This is a ridiculous notion. It does not take a lot of practice to do this. There is a chain link fence that separates the lanes. We have many rules that are always enforced. You can rest easy that even kids, yes kids, sometimes as young as 10 years old have thrown an axe in our store. Everyone is a bit different. We help you to throw properly. You will want to come back again.

One day axe throwing will be as common as bowling. We will have leagues and date nights. We give away free beer all the time and soon we will have some really cool discounts to announce. We have $10-dollar Tuesdays until the end of September and also $8 off the price for all teachers and school staff.

For more information including booking, pricing and more, click here.

Post contributed by Jack Chandler, General Manager for The Rusty Axe

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